Liberty University Data Breach Affects 5,434 Individuals, Exposes Social Security Numbers

Will Gendron
Apr 30, 2024 10:59 AM
Data breach at Liberty University affects 5,434, exposing Social Security Numbers.

The March 2024 Data Breach

What Happened?

On March 29, 2024, Liberty University discovered a significant data breach that compromised sensitive personal information. The breach was made public on April 29, 2024, and was reported to the Maine Attorney General's office. The breach affected a total of 5,434 individuals across the United States, including 12 residents of Maine. The university promptly took steps to notify affected individuals through written communication.

Information Exposed

The following sensitive information was exposed in the breach:

  • Social Security Number

Liberty University's Response

In response to the data breach, Liberty University has implemented enhanced security measures to prevent future incidents. The university is also cooperating with law enforcement and cybersecurity experts to thoroughly investigate the breach and to ensure the integrity of their systems. Affected individuals were notified about the breach and were provided with guidance on how to protect their personal information.

Steps to Take if You Are Affected

If you believe you were affected by this data breach, it is crucial to take immediate action to protect your identity and personal information:

  1. Monitor your financial accounts for any unauthorized activity.
  2. Consider placing a fraud alert on your credit reports.
  3. Think about freezing your credit to prevent new credit accounts from being opened in your name.
  4. Review your Social Security Administration earnings statement to ensure no one else is using your Social Security number to gain employment.
  5. Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities.

For more detailed information and assistance, you can visit the disclosure on the Maine Attorney General's website.

About Liberty University

Liberty University, established in 1971, is the largest private nonprofit university in the United States, the largest university in Virginia, and the largest Christian university globally. With a campus spanning over 7,000 acres and offering 315 unique programs of study, Liberty University is dedicated to providing a world-class educational experience in a Christ-centered environment. For more information, visit Liberty University's website.

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