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Have You Lost Money Betting on PrizePicks?

An investigation is currently underway regarding PrizePicks, an online gambling platform that claims to operate as a Daily Fantasy Sports platform which is suspected of operating as an illegal sportsbook. The platform, which allows users to place bets on specific outcomes in sports leagues (such as over or under an amount), is potentially in violation of state laws and may be misrepresenting its business as a DFS platform.

If you've lost money on PrizePicks, you may be eligible for up to a refund.

What is PrizePicks?

PrizePicks is a mobile app that offers betters the ability to gamble on a particular player's stats.  However, the current investigation suggests that PrizePicks may be operating more like an illegal sportsbook than a DFS platform.

PrizePicks is suspected of operating as an illegal sportsbook, which would be in violation of state laws across the country. The platform may be misrepresenting its business as a DFS platform, which would be misleading users about the nature of the bets they are placing.

PrizePicks Violating States' Gambling Laws

The platform currently operates its real money contests across 31 states and Washington D.C. However, compliance with each state's gambling regulations is under scrutiny. PrizePicks may be violating gambling laws by misrepresenting its business model and operating as an illegal sportsbook.

Regulators in Maryland and Virginia have already shut down PrizePicks' operations in their states. “The product offerings of PrizePicks described herein are not games of skill. Rather, they are games of chance,” said John Myers, director of the West Virginia Lottery.

PrizePicks operates in states where online sports betting is explicitly illegal, including California, Georgia, Texas, and Florida.

You May Be Eligible for Compensation

If you have used the PrizePicks app and lost money on your bets, you may be eligible for compensation. The investigation into PrizePicks' operations could potentially lead to a lawsuit, and if the platform is found to be in violation of state laws, users who have lost money could be owed the money they spent.

What Proof is Needed to Submit a Claim?

To submit a claim against PrizePicks, you will need to provide evidence of your use of the app, the bets you placed, and the amount of money lost. This includes screenshots of the app and bank statements showing transactions with PrizePicks.

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