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Grote Enterprises Data Breach: Know Your Rights

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You May Be Entitled to Compensation

If you've received a notice from Grote Enterprises, LLC, or suspect your data may have been compromised in their recent breach, it's important to understand that you may be entitled to compensation. Data breaches can lead to identity theft, financial loss, and significant stress. Lawyers are ready to help you navigate this challenging time and can assist you in seeking any compensation you may be entitled to.

What Happened?

Grote Enterprises, a construction company known for its commitment to customer satisfaction and successful project delivery, recently experienced a data breach. This incident may have affected the security of personal information. The company has taken steps to address the breach and is working to reinforce its data protection measures.

Your Rights and Next Steps

Upon learning of the breach, Grote Enterprises, acted promptly to investigate and respond to the issue. In their Notice to Consumers, dated March 29, 2024, the company outlined the steps affected individuals can take to protect themselves. These steps are crucial and include:

The deadline to enroll in Experian IdentityWorks is June 30, 2024. For more details or to enroll, visit Experian IdentityWorks with the provided activation code. If you need assistance or prefer to enroll by phone, call Experian’s customer care team at (877) 890-9332 by the enrollment deadline.

For additional information or to place a fraud alert or credit freeze, contact the three major credit reporting bureaus:

If you have further questions or concerns, Grote Enterprises, LLC has set up a dedicated call center at (833) 918-5939, available from 9am to 9pm Eastern, Monday to Friday.

Joining a Lawsuit

Should you wish to explore the possibility of joining a class action lawsuit in response to the Grote Enterprises, LLC data breach, lawyers are ready to help. By joining a lawsuit, you may be able to hold the company accountable and receive compensation for any damages incurred as a result of the breach.

To take the first step towards joining a lawsuit, please complete the below form. Your information will be reviewed, and you will be contacted to discuss your potential involvement in legal action against Grote Enterprises.

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