St. Mary's Healthcare System for Children Data Breach

Will Gendron
Mar 21, 2024 12:09 AM
"St. Mary's Healthcare System for Children's network was breached, affecting 5,650 individuals, including 4 Maine residents. Sensitive information compromised includes names and Social Security numbers. Affected parties are offered free credit monitoring and guidance on protecting against identity theft."

St. Mary's Healthcare System for Children, a dedicated provider of specialized care and education for children with special needs, recently identified suspicious activity within its computer network on November 9, 2023. Upon discovery, immediate action was taken to isolate the affected systems and an investigation was launched to understand the extent of the breach.

The investigation revealed that an unauthorized actor had gained access to certain systems and copied files from St. Mary's network. The files in question contained sensitive information, including names and Social Security numbers. A total of 5,650 individuals across the United States have been affected by this breach, with 4 of those being residents of Maine.

In response to this incident, St. Mary's has provided written notice to the affected individuals on March 20, 2024, detailing the nature of the breach and the steps being taken to mitigate its impact. The notice, which was also disclosed to the Maine Attorney General's office, outlines the provision of complimentary credit monitoring services for one year through Epiq, at no cost to those impacted.

St. Mary's is also offering guidance on how to protect against identity theft and fraud, including instructions on how to place a fraud alert or security freeze on credit files. The organization has reported the incident to relevant state and federal regulators, as well as to the three major credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

For those seeking more information or assistance, St. Mary's has established a dedicated assistance line available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST. The contact number is 888-988-0477.

To read the full disclosure on the Maine Attorney General's website, please visit here.

If you believe you have been affected by this data breach, it is crucial to take action to protect your personal information. Consider enrolling in the provided credit monitoring service, regularly review your account statements and credit reports, and stay vigilant for any signs of unauthorized activity. For additional resources and support, you can also reach out to the Federal Trade Commission or your state Attorney General's office.

For more information about St. Mary's Healthcare System for Children and the services they provide, you can visit their website.

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