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Capitol Credit Union Data Breach Investigation

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Shamis & Gentile P.A., one of the nation's premier class action law firms specializing in data breach cases, is investigating the Capitol Credit Union data breach. If you were affected by the data breach, your sensitive personally identifiable information may have been exposed, and you may be eligible for compensation.

About Capitol Credit Union

Capitol Credit Union (CCU) has been a trusted financial institution for over 67 years, offering a range of services from home equity loans to competitive rates on various banking products. Originally operating from the basement of the state capitol, CCU has grown significantly, integrating advanced technologies while maintaining a commitment to exceptional customer service.

Data Breach Disclosure

Capitol Credit Union reported a significant data breach that compromised the personal information of many of its members. The breach was disclosed on April 17, 2024, and affected individuals primarily in Texas. The types of consumer information exposed include:

  • Name of individual
  • Address
  • Social Security Number Information
  • Driver’s License number
  • Government-issued ID number (e.g., passport, state ID card)
  • Financial Information (e.g., account number, credit or debit card number)
  • Medical Information
  • Health Insurance Information

Your Rights and Next Steps

If your information was compromised in this breach, you have several rights under state laws. You can obtain a police report, place a security freeze on your credit reports, and monitor your financial accounts for any unauthorized activity. It's crucial to act swiftly to protect your identity:

  1. Contact major credit bureaus to freeze your credit.
  2. Review your credit reports via
  3. Consider setting up fraud alerts.
  4. Monitor your bank statements and alert your bank to any suspicious transactions.
  5. Use the identity monitoring services provided by Kroll, as detailed in the notice from CCU.

Joining a Lawsuit

If you've been affected by the Capitol Credit Union data breach, you may be entitled to compensation. Lawyers are ready to help guide you through the process of securing your rights and claims. To join a potential lawsuit and seek justice for the unauthorized exposure of your personal information, please complete the below form. This is a critical step in holding the responsible parties accountable and receiving the compensation you deserve.


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