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NIBCO Inc. $7,650,000 Settlement

Eligible for the NIBCO settlement? Homeowners with certain NIBCO products may claim a part of the $7,650,000 fund for leaks and damages.

NIBCO Inc. $7,650,000 Settlement
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Settlement Terms

  • Status:
    Open for Claims
  • Award:
    Varies - reimbursement for repair costs, damages, or re-plumb remedy
  • Is Proof Required?
  • Claim Deadline:
    May 16, 2025
    Not Set
  • Days Left to File Claim:
  • Settlement Amount:
  • Final Approval:
    September 9, 2021
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A settlement has been reached between NIBCO Inc., and homeowners and occupants of residential structures in specific cities in Alabama and Texas that contain or once contained certain NIBCO products or those who paid for repairs due to leaks from these products.

Claimants who qualify may receive various monetary benefits for past or future leaks, including reimbursement for repair costs and damages, or a re-plumb remedy for multiple leaks.

Understanding the NIBCO Settlement Fund

The settlement proposes a fund of $7,650,000 to compensate eligible claimants for the costs associated with the repair or replacement of NIBCO's Tubing, Fittings, or Clamps due to leaks. The fund will also cover the settlement administration costs. Any money left in the fund at the end of the claim period, which concludes on May 16, 2025, will be retained by or returned to NIBCO.

This substantial settlement fund is designed to address the claims without the need for further litigation, providing a streamlined process for claimants to receive compensation. The settlement is a result of a class action lawsuit alleging that the NIBCO products in question are defective and prone to leaking, which NIBCO denies.

Important Dates

  • Claim Form Deadline: May 16, 2025

Who Are the Settlement Class Members?

The Settlement Class includes individuals who own or have owned residential structures with NIBCO Tubing, Fittings, or Clamps in specified cities in Alabama and Texas. The detailed list of cities and the criteria for being a class member are extensively defined in the settlement agreement.

  • Individuals who have paid for repairs or damages due to leaks from these products are also included.

Exclusions from the class include certain entities like the product installers and those with pending litigation against NIBCO related to the products as of a specific date.

Claimable Awards for Class Members

Eligible claimants can receive various monetary benefits, including reimbursement for repair costs and damages resulting from leaks. There are provisions for initial payments and the possibility of supplemental payments, as well as a re-plumb remedy for structures with multiple leaks.

  • Past Property Damage Claims: Initial payment of 50% of proven damages, with a potential supplemental payment of up to 75%.
  • Future Property Damage Claims: Similar to past claims, with the same potential reimbursement structure.
  • Re-Plumb Claims: Calculated at a rate of $722.50 per plumbing fixture, with a potential for supplemental payment up to 75% of the calculated amount.

The Products in Question

The settlement revolves around NIBCO's Tubing, Fittings, and Clamps, which are alleged to be defective. The Tubing is identified by the '1006' designation, and the Fittings are stamped 'NIBCO F 1807'. The Clamps are stainless steel and marked NIBCO.

Is Proof Required to Claim the Reward?

Yes, claimants need to provide proof to claim an award. The proof includes evidence of the defective products and the damages incurred due to leaks.

The Basis for the Class Action Settlement

The class action lawsuit was initiated based on allegations that NIBCO's products were defective and prone to leaks. NIBCO has denied these claims but agreed to the settlement to avoid further litigation. The settlement provides a structured process for claimants to receive compensation and concludes the legal proceedings related to these allegations.

The next steps for eligible claimants include submitting a claim form with the required proof before the deadline to receive their monetary benefits.

Case Facts

  • Case Number:
  • Filing Date:
  • Jurisdiction:
    U.S. District Court
  • State:
  • Court:
  • Plaintiff:
  • Defendant:
    NIBCO Inc.
  • Plaintiff Firm:
    Nix Patterson, LLP
  • Claims Admin:
    Alabama Texas PEX Settlement 1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210 Philadelphia, PA 19103 1-855-976-0649
  • Defendant Firm:
Jerome Andries, Esq.
Jerome Andries, Esq.
Reporter and Licensed Attorney
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Settlement Agreement

This browser does not support inline PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF

Settlement Agreement

This browser does not support inline PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF

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