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Tasteful Selections, LLC Data Breach Investigation

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Shamis & Gentile P.A., one of the nation's premier class action law firms specializing in data breach cases, is investigating the Tasteful Selections, LLC data breach. If you were affected by the data breach, your sensitive personally identifiable information may have been exposed, and you may be eligible for compensation.

About Tasteful Selections, LLC

Tasteful Selections, LLC is a leading specialty potato company based in Arvin, California, established in 2010. The company is a joint venture between CSS Farms, RPE, and Plover River Farms.

What Happened?

Recently, Tasteful Selections, LLC experienced a significant data breach that may have compromised the personal information of many consumers. The breach was disclosed to the Massachusetts Attorney General's office, and the details were made public.

Your Rights and Next Steps

If your information was compromised in this breach, you have several rights and steps you can take to protect yourself:

  1. Monitor your accounts and credit reports for any unauthorized activity. You are entitled to one free credit report annually from each of the three major credit reporting agencies.
  2. Consider placing a fraud alert or a credit freeze on your credit reports. This can help prevent identity theft and unauthorized opening of accounts in your name.
  3. Utilize the free credit monitoring service provided by Tasteful Selections for 24 months through Equifax.
  4. Report any suspicious activity to your financial institutions and local law enforcement.
  5. Stay informed and vigilant to minimize the risk of identity theft and fraud.

Joining a Lawsuit

If you believe your information was compromised and you have suffered damages, lawyers are ready to help. You may be eligible for compensation. To explore your legal options and possibly join a class action lawsuit, please complete the form below. Taking action can not only potentially compensate you for your losses but also help ensure such breaches are taken seriously and prevented in the future.


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