Filled Cases

Cornwell Quality Tools Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Data Breach

Alleged data breach at Cornwell Quality Tools leads to class-action lawsuit. Plaintiff claims negligence, breach of duty, and violation of legal obligations.

Archdiocese and Others Accused of Negligence in Child Abuse Case

Lawsuit alleges Archdiocese and Parish failed to protect minors from sexual abuse, violating several laws. Plaintiff seeks compensation for physical, emotional injuries, and lost income.

Great American Power Faces Class Action for TCPA Violations

Lawsuit alleges Great American Power violated TCPA and Do-Not-Call rules, making unsolicited calls and leaving pre-recorded messages without consent.

Adroit Global USA Inc. Faces Lawsuit Over Unsolicited Faxes

Glen Ellyn Pharmacy alleges Adroit Global USA Inc. violated consumer protection laws by sending unsolicited fax advertisements.

Nice Pak Products Faces Class Action Over Data Breach

Lawsuit alleges Nice Pak Products, Inc. failed to protect employees' personal information, leading to a data breach. Damages sought for negligence, violation of FTC Act.
Read Hit with Class Action over Customer Doxing Claims

Lawsuit alleges violated privacy laws, doxed users, and enabled third-party eavesdropping. These are all allegations at this stage.

Consumers Allege Deceptive and Unfair Debt Collection Practices by Selene Finance, LP

A lawsuit claims Selene Finance engaged in fraudulent and deceptive debt collection practices

Peoples Bank Faces Lawsuit Over Data Breach, Customers Seek Damages

Lawsuit alleges Peoples Bank's negligence led to a data breach, compromising sensitive personal information of approximately 47,590 customers.

West Point Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Racial Bias in Admissions

Students for Fair Admissions alleges that West Point's admissions process is racially biased, violating the Constitution's Equal Protection principle.